When I arrive to a new city I always ask myself, what is the essence of this place? I want to feel its soul, merge with it, learn from it, taste it, and experience it without imposing my own conditioning…  

… then something beautiful happens. It opens up and flowers with poetry. 

The photographer then attempts to capture this poetry visually, the delicate moment where everything aligns for a split second, just to fall apart again.

This young man was just caught stealing, he was beaten up and he will go to prison. The look of despondency on his face foreshadows misfortunes that lie ahead. 

This young man came to perform his morning ritual and pay respects to the holy Ganga river. Would the criminal on the left still do what he does, if he had a loving home and a decent meal to eat?

Varanasi is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. For thousands of years people have come here to cremate their loved ones, perform spiritual oblations and religious celebrations. 

It is auspicious to be cremated in Varanasi – the holy city of lord Siva.

Can one ever come to see the world untainted by his conditioned impressions? 

Today’s India is rapidly modernizing to compete for resources in the twenty first century. With the ever increasing inflation and pace of life, it is only a matter of time before spiritual practices give way to an aggressive work culture of modernity. 

… and organic culture of India will eventually be replaced by linear monoculture of global commercialism. 

I am a temporary visitor and a lifetime lover. Varanasi, you hold a special place in my heart. We shall meet again my friend.


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